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Ugly Sweater Party Invitations for 2022

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Don we now our ugly sweater! Are you planning a funky holiday party and need the perfect party invitation that features knit patterns for ugly sweater fun? Well look no further! With colorful designs and traditional holiday motifs, you can't go wrong with these ugly sweater Christmas party invitations. Invite your friends to dig out their ugly sweaters that their Aunty gave them ten years ago. There are not too many occasions when having the ugliest clothes in the room is cause for celebration! And since it can really only happen once a year - make it a huge ugly celebration!

Below you will find a variety of invitations created by different artisans. These designers tirelessly follow trends and create their own trends. Styles vary based on their own personalities. Some of these ugly sweater party invitation designs are available only on partyinvitations.com, others are created by small businesses who make their designs available on the national market. If you have a style in mind that you would like created just for you, please email us and we will have one of our designers create a custom design for you. YES -- even during the busy holiday season.

order form Product ID: sar2287 Ugly Sweater Christmas Invitation $1.30
Throwing An Ugly Sweater Christmas Party Is A Unique and Fun New Occasion Some Christmas traditions date back to our parents' and grandparents' childhoods. Others date back only to the 70s and 80s. This is the case with the Ugly Christmas Sweater. The only problem is, we didn't know they were ugly then. Now that enough time has separated us from the trend, we can see them for the truly ugly monstrosities that they were. But rather than leave them in the back of our closest, the newest trend tells us to celebrate our past with an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Much like the ugly sweater trend that inspired these celebrations, ugly sweater parties are not soon forgotten. And of course, the best way to begin an ugly sweater party is with the perfect ugly Christmas party invitation.

Essential to this ugly sweater Christmas party invitation is asking your guests to wear their ugliest sweater. They may not want to admit it, but everyone has one of these tucked back in their closet somewhere. And if not, I'm pretty sure they can find one at their local Walmart. These sweaters are good for a laugh and are a unique icebreaker if your guests do not all know each other.

We offer a unique selection of ugly Christmas party invitations. However, if you do not see exactly what you would like, please feel free to e-mail us and we will create something for you. Even at the height of the busy holiday season, we have the time to create a perfect customized ugly sweater Christmas party invitation just for you. Perhaps you have a picture of your favorite (or least favorite) ugly Christmas sweater that you want us to make into an ugly Christmas party invitation. We can do that with no problem.