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Stock the Bar Shower Invitations Summer 2022

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Designs marked SAR, RV and JLU are available both printed and as a digitally delivered file.
These files can be e-mailed or texted to guests or printed locally.

Stock the Bar Shower Party Invitations are a great way to get your guests excited about a fun shower that can include both the bride and the groom. The future Mr. and Mrs. will appreciate that you chose to use a printed invitation to mark this very special and memorable occasion. Years later the couple will look back at their Stock the Bar Shower Invitation and remember the fun they had. Stock the bar parties are a fun way to start a couple's married life! Sometimes these showers work perfectly for an older couple, or couple who already has everything, or two of everything. But you still want to celebrate their union! Two Bottles of wine is much better than 2 blenders!

Stock the bar showers are also great for a couples shower even if it is for a couple just starting out. The guys will be much more interested in bottles of tequila than bottles of soap bubbles. So if you are interested in the guys attending, these stock the bar shower invitations might be the perfect start since they are not too feminine. Both the bride and the groom.