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Baby Girl Shower Invitations 2018

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Pink, Purple, Yellow or Green girl baby shower invitations are a beautiful way to start your special occasion. Whether you are planning a baby girl shower for the first baby or a sprinkling for the third or fourth baby, you will find the perfect baby girl shower invitation below.

There are all kinds of themes for such a wonderful occasion. Chalkboard baby girl shower invitations are a very popular trend right now. Many modern moms also like the elephant motif for their nurseries and an elephant girl baby shower invitation is a cute way to announce the theme. For a more classic shower you may like the rattle baby shower invitations or the girl stroller invites. The possibilities are endless and you will find many of them on this and other pages on the party invitations site.

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Stadium Ticket Invitations
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Photo Ticket Prices: 20-50 tickets are $1.99 each, 51-200 tickets are $1.89 each, 201-500 tickets are $1.79 each, 500+ tickets are $1.69 each.
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Girl Baby Shower Invitation Ideas You Probably Never Considered

If you plan on hosting a shower to welcome your little girl into the world, it will be necessary for you to send out invitations. Instead of opting for a basic invitation that people have probably seen time and time again, you should definitely look for something more unique. Here are a few ideas that will help your invitations stand out from the rest.

Sonogram Baby Shower Invitations

Many expectant moms are more than happy to show their sonogram pictures to everyone who asks. This is why it is such a great idea to use this photo for the cover of your invitations. The idea behind this would be allowing the world to have a glimpse of your little girl's first picture. There are 3-D sonograms currently available in many areas. You should opt for this type of photo if you plan to use it for your invitations.

Puzzle Baby Girl Shower Invitations

One way to make your invitations stand apart from all of the others your friends may receive would be to have a puzzle invitation created. You can supply the picture you want with the perfect words, and you can have an invitation made that consists of puzzle pieces.

When you are having this type of invitation made, make sure that you use a picture that is unique and is not solely composed of one color. You do not want it to be so difficult that people have a tough time putting it together, especially since that means they will not get all of the details about your upcoming shower.

Ticket Baby Girl Shower Invitations

Have you ever went out to the movies with a date and you kept the ticket as a memento? Many people have done this, which is where this idea stems from. Have your invitations printed out like a ticket and people will feel compelled to save them. While all of the generic girl shower invitations with photos of pink balloons and hearts may get tossed away, the ticket to your shower is likely to end up in a box filled with keepsakes.

The Happy Couple Baby Girl Shower Invitations

These days, many people are making the decision to host co-ed baby showers. This means that the proud dad will be in attendance with the mom-to-be. One way to show their solidarity and the love they have for each other and the baby would be to create a couples invitation. Have them take a picture together where the dad is holding the mom's belly or something of that nature. It will make him a part of the shower while keeping with the baby girl theme.

When you send invitations to your friends, you want them to be eye-catching and not something that is easily forgotten. Use one of these ideas if you want to have girl shower invitations that people will remember for years to come.

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Baby Shower Invitations Planning a girl baby shower is such an exciting time! A baby girl is on the way to join your group of friends and family. In preparation you need to pick the perfect baby girl shower invitation! You might be thinking: Where can I find the best baby girl shower invitation?" You found the right place. You want to send a baby girl shower invitation that will not just tell them about the upcoming event, but impress them with your wonderful taste! We have every type of baby shower invitation you can think of! From classic invitations featuring baby girls to more modern invitations featuring sophisticated couples having a fun baby shower, the invitation can be found within our pages. has been selling girl baby shower invitations on the internet since 1995. There have been many who have followed and tried to copy, but none who can really compare. We keep our eye on baby shower trends, and well, we even create some baby shower invitation trends. These days baby showers often include the couple, not just the woman. On these pages you will find the exact baby girl shower invitation that you need! Enjoy your browsing!

If you are looking for a really fun and unique alternative to the traditional baby shower invitation, then take a look at the ticket baby girl shower invitations. These baby shower invitations can be customized to look like a sporting event, a music event or a grand opening. If you use these ticket baby shower invitations you will really entice the men into attending the baby shower! Some girl baby shower invitations even promise that the men will not miss the big game and combine baby showers with watching it on the wide screen TV!

Please feel free to browse the entire website for the invitation that is perfect for your baby shower. Perhaps you have a non-traditional baby shower in mind. All the wording on all of the invitations can be changed to suit your baby shower needs. For example some soon-to-be parents want to have a luau theme. We have some great invitations that can be made into baby shower invitations simply by changing the wording. Or maybe you have an international theme in mind for your baby shower invitation. That is also available.

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