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Mardi Gras Party Invitations

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In 2023 Fat Tuesday is on February 21st

Designs marked SAR, RV and JLU are available both printed and as a digitally delivered file.
These files can be e-mailed or texted to guests or printed locally.

Mardi Gras party invitations are a great way to start off an exciting party. Mardi Gras invitations range in theme from king cakes to masks and bead to Bourbon street. Whichever theme you want to emphasize for your Mardi Gras celebration, you will find the perfect invitation below.

Mardi Gras is French for "Fat Tuesday" and is sometimes also called that. Another name for it is Shrove Tuesday. The origin of Mardi Gras is that it is the last day of feasting before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday which begins the Easter Season. Because Lent is traditionally the start of fasting, Fat Tuesday is celebrated by much eating, drinking and partying.

Fat Tuesday Party Invitations

Ticket Invitations are printed on authentic ticket stock. Free envelopes with your order.
Ticket size is 2" X 5 1/2", Envelope size is 5 3/4" x 4 3/8".
Process Time + Ship Time= Arrival Time
We will ship your order 2 days after we receive it.
You have a choice of shipping methods, Ground $8.50 (5 business days), 3 Day select $13.50, Next Day Air $25.50

Stadium Ticket Invitations
Stadium ticket prices: 1-10 tickets are $1.69 each, 11-25 tickets are $1.59 each, 26-100 tickets are $1.39 each, 100+ tickets are $1.29 each.

Mardi Gras You are planning a special event!. It is such an exciting time! In preparation you need to pick the perfect Mardi Gras invitations! You found the right place. You want to send Mardi Gras invitations that will not just tell them about the upcoming event, but impress them with your wonderful taste! We have every type of Mardi Gras invitations you can think of! From masks and beads to Cajun food and the streets of New Orleans, you will find it here at partyinvitations.com. Partyinvitations.com has been selling Mardi Gras invitations on the internet since 1995. There have been many who have followed and tried to copy, but none who can really compare. We keep our eye Mardi Gras invitations trends, and well, we even create some Mardi Gras invitations trends. On these pages you will find exactly the Mardi Gras invitations that you need!

If you are looking for a really fun and unique alternative to the traditional Mardi Gras invitations, then take a look at the ticket Mardi gras invitations. These are our current most popular. These Mardi Gras invitations can be customized to look like a sporting event, a music event or a grand opening. If you use these Mardi Gras invitations you will really impress the men and teenagers!!

Please feel free to browse the entire website for the paper that is perfect for your Mardi Gras invitations. Perhaps you have a non-traditional Mardi Gras invitation in mind. All the wording on all of the invitations can be changed to suit your Mardi Gras invitations needs. We have some great invitations that can be made Mardi Gras invitations simply by changing the wording. Or maybe you have an international theme in mind for your Mardi Gras invitations. That is also available.

We do our best to try to keep Mardi Gras invitations prices low. Potential customers are often skeptical about our prices. We get e-mails asking: "I have seen this Mardi Gras invitation on another site for $1 more per card. How can your prices be so much lower?" Our response is Why do they sell their Mardi Gras invitations for such a high price? Many of our Mardi Gras invitations are the exact same Mardi Gras invitations that you would find in a stationary store. Others are ones that we have created and are exclusively available here. So whether you are interested in the most trendy or unique, you will find it here.

Our Mardi Gras invitations are the exactly the same quality as you would find in a local print shop. But we are able to carry a much larger variety of Mardi Gras invitations then typically seen at a neighborhood store. And our turn around time is enviable. Our large Mardi Gras selection includes paper from Inviting Company, San Lori, and Glad Tidings. And of course we are the number one seller in the country of Special Event Ticketing. Don't just tell them? Impress them with a Mardi Gras invitation from Kamyra in Print.