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African American and Biracial Baby Shower Invitations Summer 2022

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African American baby shower invitations should be as special as the baby you are celebrating! The unique African American baby shower invitations on this page feature cute little babies, pregnant moms with cute little bellies, loving African American couples and even twins! For an even more unique invitation, you can choose from our photo invitations. Feature a photo of the mom-to-be , parents-to-be or ? an ultra sound of the BABY-TO-BE! Take a look at some of our other baby shower pages also. The possibilities for African American baby shower invitations are limitless!
If you do not see exactly what you need on this page, please e-mail. We will custom design an invitation just for you!

The arrival of a new baby is one of the most exciting events in a person's life. Is it yours? Or is a family member or friend about to welcome a little one? This perfect addition to the world deserves a unique party or shower. And the best showers start with a perfect invitation. You've heard it said that you can't be all things to all people. Well, when it comes to baby shower invitations that's what we try to be. We want you to feel like the invitation to your shower was made "just for us." All of our baby shower invitations are printed on high quality paper that will amaze your guests. We are very excited about our improved line of African American baby shower invitations and our new line of inter-racial couple invitations.

Our business is owned by Tammy and Prentice Johnson who were married in 1997 and had their first child in 1999 and second one in 2001. That's nothing significant except Prentice and Tammy have different color skin, so society calls them interracial, they just call themselves the Johnsons. When they got married they did not look for a topper that looked "just like us." They found a beautiful glass topper. When they had their babies they did not look for baby shower invitations that look "just like us." They found cute paper without people on it. Now, 21 years later in 2021 they have decided to be the solution! We have teamed up with a new, young and hip designer Mimi's Designs who is specifically creating invitations with multi-racial couples. We will have unique baby shower invitations for African American couples. And we will have invitations where the mom-to-be is black and the dad-to-be is white. Then there will be invitations where the dad-to-be is black and the mom-to-be is white. Next we will have Asian and Hispanic couples and all the mixes possible with them. Asian with Black, Asian with White, Asian with Hispanic -- you get the idea. We will be all things to all people.

This page is dedicated to baby shower invitations for African American couples and Mixed couples that are black and white. We will also have invitations with babies that are mixed race and African American.

On this page you will find a variety of pre-designed invitations that you simply need to add your text to in order to make them perfect for you. We also offer a designing service. Feel free to e-mail us at tammy@partyinvitations.com with the design idea that you have. We will work with you to make an invitation that fits you perfectly. Our goal is to rid the world of anyone feeling like there is no invitation with people on it who look "just like them." a lofty goal, but we feel up to it. We are very sincere when we say PLEASE contact us if we don"t have your specific combination up YET. We are still working on all of the combinations but if you need something right now, we will put your needs at the top of the