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Gender Reveal Party and Unknown Gender Shower Invitations 2017

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A current popular baby shower theme is the gender reveal party. To create a gender reveal party, the couple has the ultrasound technician/doctor of midwife write the baby's gender on a paper and seals it in an envelope and then gives the envelope to the baker who then bakes a cake wit heither a blue or a pink interior. The couple discovers thegender of the baby when they cut into the cake at the party. A generder reveal shower is great fun for every one involved! The baby shower invitations in this category are appropriate for showers where the gender of the baby is not known. This category of baby shower invitations is also appropriate when a shower is given for either a boy or a girl.

Italian Girl or Boy Baby Shower Invitations

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Puzzle Design 500 Baby Shower - Baby Shower Party Invitations

Puzzle Design 500 - Baby Shower

Photo Baby Shower Invitations Design 411 - baby girl or boy Shower Invitations

Photo Design 411 - Baby Shower

Gender reveal Baby shower invitations are a fun way to invite family and friends to a unique shower where the gender of the baby will be revealed to everyone including the parents! But some parents dont even want to find out the gender that soon, they want the gender to be revealed at the birth. These baby shower invitations are perfect for that situation also. Finding out the gender of the baby is such a personal choice that there is no right or wrong way to go about findign out.

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