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Couples Baby Shower Invitations winter 2018

contact us: tammy@partyinvitations.com
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Designs marked SAR are available both printed and as a digitally delivered file.
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Welcome to a vast collection of couples baby shower invitations hand crafted for you. Here you will find unique couples shower invitations for events that require a custom made card rather than a mass produced product. If the selection found on this page does not fit your party perfectly, I will work collaboratively with you to design every detail of your shower invitation. Each invitation I create is inspired by your initial vision, paired with my creative eye and expertise which has been cultivated over 20 years. Please take a look at the current offerings and if you do not see a shower party invitation that suits your exact needs e-mail me (Tammy) at tammy@partyinvitations.com and I will create a custom designed invitation for your baby shower.

At Kamyra in Print, we know. Because we have husbands and kids. Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt. We know that 'our man' complained about the couples baby shower, but us women wanted him there'. Solution? Make it a baby party! We found a few national invitation companies with great couples baby shower invitations. But for the most part there was only one couples baby shower invitation that sold well. So we decided we really needed to go ahead and design our own fun line of couples baby shower invitations. Now who can resist a 'Potty' rather than a shower? Really? This couples baby shower invitation quickly became a best seller for us. For years we thought the idea of advertising that beer would be at a shower was just not tasteful toward the mom-to-be. But what we have found is that the beer brings the men! So if the objective is to be sure that everyone at the shower is having fun let the men have beer! We have also found that if the shower is on the day of the big game. And a wide screen TV is available. The men are much less ready to complain. So go ahead, go wild with your choice of couples baby shower invitations. And the crazier your wording, the better. We can print any wording on any couples baby shower invitation, so don't be shy!